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How to download video and audio streams from virtually any website with youtube-dl

It is possible to download video and audio streams from streaming platforms, using third-party tools. You need these tools if the streaming site does not officially support downloading. This article focuses on the powerful tool named youtube-dl. It explains the compatible graphical user interfaces Downline and YDL-UI. They make it easy to download videos (or … Read more

How to commit executable shell scripts with Git on Windows

Whenever you develop UNIX shell scripts on Microsoft Windows and commit them with Git, they lack the UNIX execute permission bit. When you check out the file with Git on a UNIX-based system, these scripts cannot be started, and the software breaks. This article explains how to set the execute permission bit on Windows, and … Read more

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How to boost development productivity with the 36 best keyboard shortcuts

This article helps software developers to boost development productivity in their IDE. It presents many keyboard shortcuts and functionalities you don’t know about yet. Although the examples are tailored to the PyCharm IDE, you will learn the methodology for discovering and adopting shortcuts for any tool. I will demonstrate how to effectively create your own … Read more

An introduction to the micro:bit for software developers

The micro:bit is a microcomputer programmable in C/C++, TypeScript and Python. This article discusses hard- and software capabilities and limitations of the micro:bit. Software developers not yet familiar with the device will get a first orientation on how to get started with each programming language, together with Dos and Don’ts I learnt from first-hand experience. … Read more

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Android without Google: replace Google Android apps for better privacy

This article explains reasons why you should replace Google Android apps with alternatives – most notably to protect your privacy. I’ll point out how to change privacy-related settings on Android, and provide replacements for Maps, YouTube, Gmail, Find My Device, and Gboard. For other apps like Chrome or Drive, and replacing Google’s services in general, … Read more

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Without Google: replace Google services for better privacy

This article explains reasons why you should replace Google services with alternatives – most notably to protect your privacy. I will review possible replacements for Google’s most used services on desktop devices, Chrome, Drive and Gmail, including mail, calendar and contacts synchronization. I will also cover a few other services, like Google Keep and Hangouts. … Read more

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Website relaunch

With this post I’m proud to announce the relaunch of my website. It is a complete re-do of my old Contao-based system, which I launched in November 2014. Compared to the old design shown below, this is a complete makeover, with a new design and slightly updated site structure. I’ll publish new articles as blog … Read more