Google Docs for code: the best collaborative code editors in 2021

Collaborative code editors let developers write code together in real time, just like Google Docs. This article compares Microsoft Live Share, Code with me, Floobits, CodeTogether, GitDuck, and CodeInterview. I clearly demonstrate the limitations and benefits of each tool, including how it integrates into existing IDEs, end-to-end encryption and pricing. I’ll conclude with recommendations for … Read more

microsoft 365 groups

Myths of the Microsoft 365 cloud – Part IV – Microsoft 365 groups and scheduling events

Microsoft 365 groups are the foundation for managing users and permissions in many other applications, such as Teams and SharePoint. This article introduces the group’s other functionalities, group inbox and calendar, how to access them, and why they are sometimes difficult to find. I also explain different options that simplify scheduling of events in Outlook, … Read more