SQlite traps and pitfalls

SQLite traps and pitfalls

SQLite is a popular, relational database that you embed into your application. However, there are many traps and pitfalls you should avoid. This article discusses several pitfalls (and how to avoid them), such as the use of ORMs, how to reclaim disk space, minding the maximum number of query variables, column data types and how … Read more

Stop It! Create audio bookmarks on Android

This posts presents my open source Android app named Stop It! which lets you create bookmarks for audio tracks you play with third party Android audio players, e.g. music or podcast apps. Introduction Bookmarks are a well-known concept from real (or virtual) books, and web sites. You have certainly used them thousands of times already. … Read more

Vagrant vs. Docker

Vagrant vs. Docker

Updated 2022-09-18 to reflect that Docker for Desktop and Virtualbox can co-exist on Windows, because Hyper-V is no longer a requirement for Docker for Desktop. Vagrant is a tool that automatically downloads and configures virtual machines, according to a recipe file. Docker does something similar, but can achieve better performance in specific situations. This article … Read more