azure vm performance benchmark in AKS

Performance benchmark of over 30 Azure VMs in AKS

This article uses my fully-automated benchmark suite which creates a temporary Azure Kubernetes cluster (AKS) with over 30 different Azure VM sizes, schedules a container-based benchmark on each VM (which measures CPU and disk performance), and collects + visualizes the results. I share the raw results and an Excel sheet with various meta-information and graphs, … Read more

Synchronize Google calendar with Outlook feature

Synchronize Google calendar with Outlook with Microsoft Power Automate

Having multiple calendars that are not synchronized often causes scheduling issues. To solve this problem, I built a Microsoft Power Automate flow that synchronize Google calendar with Outlook. The flow is free / open-source, and here I explain how to set it up, configure and use it. Originally posted on 2024-01-14, updated on 2024-03-02 to … Read more