optimize docker image security

Docker optimization guide: the 12 best tips to optimize Docker image security

This article introduces 12 tips to optimize your Docker image security. For each tip, it explains the underlying attack vector, and one or more mitigation approaches. Tips include avoiding leaking of build secrets, running as non-root user, or how to make sure to use the most recent dependencies and updates. Originally posted on 2022-02-20, updated … Read more

optimize Docker image size feature

Docker optimization guide: 8 tricks to optimize your Docker image size

This article introduces several tricks that you can apply at build-time, to reduce the size of your Docker images, including the use of a small base image, multi-stage builds, consolidation of RUN statements, avoiding separate chown/chmod commands, or using the slim toolkit. Originally posted on 2022-02-06, updated on 2024-06-11. Introduction Docker has become a commodity … Read more

optimize Docker build speed in CI

Docker optimization guide: optimize build speed in CI pipelines

This article offers several tips for tweaking the build speed of Docker images in CI pipelines. I explain multiple caching-tricks offered by BuildKit, Docker’s integrated image build engine. I also elaborate on how the .dockerignore file and extra arguments to package managers such as apt can speed up your image builds. Originally posted on 2022-01-23, … Read more

optimize Dockre development speed

Docker optimization guide: the 5 best tips to optimize Docker development speed

This article presents 5 tips that improve the speed of building Docker images locally. It focuses on two problems: iterating on your unfinished Dockerfile (where you still figure out configuration options and which packages to install), and iterating on your code (assuming a finished Dockerfile). I discuss tricks such as using BuildKit’s caching features, the … Read more