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Synchronize two Outlook calendars with Microsoft Power Automate

Having multiple calendars that are not synchronized often causes scheduling issues. To solve this problem, this post offers a Microsoft Power Automate flow to synchronize two Outlook calendars, as well as pseudo code of the synchronization algorithm. I explain the approach, and how it evolved from previous iterations (including their shortcomings). Introduction Managing your calendar … Read more

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Myths of the Microsoft 365 cloud – Part IV – Microsoft 365 groups and scheduling events

Microsoft 365 groups are the foundation for managing users and permissions in many other applications, such as Teams and SharePoint. This article introduces the group’s other functionalities, group inbox and calendar, how to access them, and why they are sometimes difficult to find. I also explain different options that simplify scheduling of events in Outlook, … Read more

Myths of the Microsoft 365 cloud – Part III – Teams and its SharePoint integration

Teams is Microsoft’s communication platform that offers video meetings and text-based chats at work that happen in one or more team rooms. Learn how Teams integrates with SharePoint, how you can plan your team structure (including private channels), and discover several non-obvious features of the app. Introduction Microsoft Teams is a cloud application, which you … Read more

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Myths of the Microsoft 365 cloud – Part II – SharePoint features and membership management

SharePoint, which is part of the Microsoft 365 cloud, offers collaboration features for your team. I present the three main features of SharePoint, explain the difference between communication vs. team sites, and elaborate on how the membership management works. Finally, I discuss important caveats you should be aware of. Introduction SharePoint is a cloud application … Read more