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Welcome on Augmented-Mind, my personal space on the net where I write about findings I make in the area of IT, both from my personal experience and from the job. Below you'll find a short bio among some of my personal interests. Enjoy!

Biography abstract

Hi, I'm Marius Shekow. I'm a Computer Science graduate working as research associate at Fraunhofer FIT, Sankt Augustin, Germany. I graduated in Media Informatics at B-IT/RWTH Aachen in 2013 and I received my BSc in Applied Computer Science in 2010 at University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe. You can find a brief CV at my public LinkedIn profile.

At Fraunhofer FIT I'm a software developer working in the Mixed and Augmented Reality Solutions group. We create Augmented Reality applications, both heavy and light weight, on mobile computers or tablets & smartphones. Apart from AR, Natural User Interfaces are another important area of work, with focus on Kinect-based hand gesture interaction.

My fascination for anything related to computers started at the age of 7, when I first got my hands on a i386 computer, learning all about Commander Keen, Gold Games collection and setting up EMS in DOS from a friend of mine. With 15 I started with web-development, first creating static HTML pages, then switched to programming of dynamic web sites with PHP. This kindled my interest in general programming and thus I decided to study and work in the field of computer science.


My professional interests include Human Computer Interaction with focus on hand gesture recognition, Augmented reality technology, location/orientation sensor data processing, image processing, pattern recognition, mobile app development on Android and many more.

In my personal life I spend most of my spare time dancing Salsa and making music (Ukulele and guitar). I'm currently familiarizing myself with digital music production (audio mixing, midi instruments, etc.). I constantly improve my computers and smartphones with hardware components or software (see my articles section). In the past I've been active in creating machinima movies, which included digital video editing and motion graphics. Study and motivation techniques are another hobby of mine.