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  • Live without Google: In this article you will first learn about many reasons why you should consider a life without Google. You will most likely use Google services on your workstation (PC/Mac) on the one hand, and on your mobile device (Android phone/tablet, iPhone/iPad) on the other hand. This article explains ways to escape Google's reign on the former while the next article helps you to to find appropriate replacements for the latter.
  • Android without Google: After explaining the difference between Android (AOSP) and Google Android and why you should care, this article gives technical details for how to liberate your Android device from Google. It goes hand in hand with the first article which guides you through eliminating Google services from your PC or Mac workstation.
  • Windows firewalling done right: On Windows home computers, many people use 3rd party firewalls like ZoneAlarm with alleged benefits such as Intrusion Prevention. Their down-side is that they do heavy work in constantly running background processes. This impacts your computer's performance and often causes conflicts with other security components, such as virus scanners.. This article explains how a Windows 7 (or newer) computer in a home setting (computer(s) connected to DSL/cable router with modem) can achieve a satisfactory level of security by using just the Windows built-in firewall. The advantage is the minimal performance impact, while still being able to maintain control using an extra management tool. Several of these tools are discussed, some in detail.

Head back for more articles in the near future. Some ideas I'm working on:

  • File synchronization done right: having your files in sync with all PC, mac and major mobile platforms in mind. The focus is on doing direct synchronization without using the cloud, but with the option to copy data to the cloud when necessary.
  • Spaced-repetition learning software: overview of available software, the benefits of spaced-repetition learning and tips to avoid common pitfalls